Here are the notes and homework review from this week.
Monday, May 2nd
Wednesday, May 4th
Friday, May 6th

This week’s homework:
p. 480 19-24 all
p. 480 10-16 even, 18-21 all
Complete Similar Triangles and Proportional Lines Worksheets
Download the worksheets

Quiz on Monday

You’ve been given the task to redesign your bedroom. Before making purchases and moving things around, you’ll need to make a blueprint of your current bedroom to make sure all of your furniture will fit.

First, measure your room and then scale your room down to fit on a sheet of computer paper. You may use any scale you want. For example, 1″ can equal 1 foot, or 2 cm can equal a foot.

Second, go to and search around for furniture that you like. You must get at least a bedframe, dresser/drawers, night stand, desk, bookshelf and a chair. You have a budget of $1000. The more items you buy and fit into your room, the better your grade. Once you’ve found your item, click on “Product Information” to find the dimensions of the furniture. Then use your scale factor to scale down the item to fit on your blueprint. Please make sure that you have all of the product dimensions written down on a separate sheet of paper to turn in with your blueprint. Make sure you also show your work.

Third, using a ruler, accurately sketch and label the item on your blueprint.

This is due on Monday, May 2.

Here is the worksheet that was handed out last week incase you want to use that existing furniture.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Homework Due 3/14

p. 546 10-14, 15-20, 27-29 odd
p. 547 22-26 even, 27-29

p. 556 8-17 all
p. 557 18-26, 28-30

p. 567 1-10
p. 567 16, 20, 22, 26, 28-30, 34, 36-38
p. 568 31-33, 39-41

p. 573 9-13, 15, 16

p. 578 9-16

Big Update! Lot’s of Notes!

Sorry about this, guys! ┬áHere’s all the missing notes over the last week.

8-4 Trigonometry Notes

8-4 Trigonometry Part II Notes

8-4 Homework Review

8-4 Homework Review Part II

8-5 Angles of Elevation and Depression Notes

p. 577 4-15

8-3 Homework Review

Download the notes

p. 573 9-13, 15, 16

Due 02/08
Quiz next class!

Download the notes

p. 557 18-26 all, 28-30 all

Due 02/07

Download the notes

p. 556 8-17 all
p. 547 22-26 even

Due 02/04

8-2 Homework Review

Download the notes

Start notes on 8-3
Copy down all theorems
Copy examples 1, 2 and 3

Download the Notes

p. 546 10-20, 27-29

Due Monday:
Notes for 5-5, 5-6 and 8-2
p. 346 & 363
p. 372 & 381

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